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Say Hi to Caitlin in our Hunter Valley Fencing Team

By 18/08/2020Fencing, Team

Say Hi to Caitilin from Huntlee Academy’s Fencing team.

Caitlin Huntlee AcademyCaitlin has been at Huntlee Academy for over two years. She is a member of the fencing team that are currently completing one fence per day around Huntlee township, Rothbury, Branxton and Singleton.

Caitlin’s job is to install panels on the lot fencing. Since joining the fencing crew she has worked on loads of fencing projects and has learnt to use a range of tools which has led to her penchant for using the leaf blower!

When asked what she likes about fencing work, Caitlin said:

“I like being outdoors and the people I work with. It’s satisfying when we finish a fence.”.

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