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We give Opportunity to Disadvantaged Unemployed People

At Huntlee Academy, our mission is to provide increased opportunity for disadvantaged unemployed people so they can develop their full personal potential.

We hope this in turn will have a positive and lasting influence on their health and wellbeing and the prospects of their families.

To achieve a positive employment outcome for disadvantaged unemployed persons, and additional to our internal training program, Huntlee Academy provides or facilitates access to a range of services. These may include counselling, coaching, temporary work placements and training in the local areas of Singleton, Maitland and Cessnock.

For our purposes, a disadvantaged person is someone who may be unemployed, homeless, an at risk youth, Indigenous, a person who has completed a custodial sentence, a participant in community service, or someone with a physical or mental disability. This is not an exclusive list. We welcome contact from anyone in our local area needing a helping hand to acquire the skills and experience to get into the workforce.

Call us on 02 4938 2172 or submit an online inquiry.