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Course Content for Huntlee Academy Trainees

By 22/04/2020May 3rd, 2020Training

Huntlee Academy equips our employees with work and life skills, extensive training and ongoing support.

Our aim is that after their two – three years employment, trainees leave our Academy job ready for a higher paid and more skillful long-term career.

Training and courses include:

  1. Mandatory courses – such as safety and preliminary courses aimed at work preparedness
  2. Competencies – the basic skills to commence work at the Academy
  3. Skill sets including shorter courses
  4. Certificate courses with national acreditation
  5. Licences and tickets – operating trucks, forklifts, bobcats etc
  6. Personal choice courses
  7. Employment skills including resume writing basic computer, interview skills.

To find out about how our program could change your life or benefit someone you know, contact us today.